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$13.95 Seafood Soup / Sopa de Mariscos Home made lightly spiced soup. Featuring clams, shrimp, scallops, mussels, crab meat, potatoes and vegetables. $8.95 Shrimp Soup / Sopa de Camarones $10.95 Mondongo Soup / Sopa de Mondongo Traditional Latino style stewed cow parts, skin meat, cassava (yuca), plantains, green peppers, tomatoes and carrots. $10.95 Beef Stew / Sopa de Res Lightly spiced beef stew with plantains, cassava (yuca), carrots and other garden vegetables. $3.50 Bean Soup / Sopa de Frijoles Freshly prepared bean soup with cilantro and onions flavoring. $6.95 Shrimp Broth / Consome de Camarones Freshly prepared bean soup with cilantro and onions flavoring.



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